Your Donation Means Everything

Your Donation Means Everything

Thank you
We would like to extend our greatest appreciation and gratitude for your generous contribution that continues to support our organization. Through the continuous support of members like you who have given kindly, ATLAST has been able to reach and impact the lives of many young Latino students in our communities. With the help of selfless individuals, through both monetary and time donations, we have been able to mentor, teach, and develop leaders through our program.

ATLAST seeks to empower Latino students by promoting, encouraging, and giving them the necessary resources and skills to become leaders in their communities and better society. One way that ATLAST is achieving this is through a small convenience store, La Tiendita. This store serves as a way to help students learn key business fundamentals as well as help provide healthier food alternatives to low-income families. Through your donation and support, we can continue to fund this operation for not only the students in our program but for the community as well – thank you again for your selfless contributions and your strive to help better the world.

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"Our mission is to inspire and empower Latino High School students to become leaders in their school and community while also preparing them to seek careers where Latinos are underrepresented and impact their community."