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La Tiendita

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900 Greenville Rd

McKinney, TX 75069


The Little Store That Could

Preserving the culture and identity of the neighborhood of East McKinney, TX

As one of the last neighborhood stores in McKinney, La Tiendita, or “The Little Store,” strives to serve as a community grocery store, training facility, and support center for Latino students and families. 

The store hopes to be a staple in the neighborhood for families in need to shop for their basic needs in a way that protects their solemnity and stimulates hope. With the partnerships ATLAST has developed with local businesses and individuals, La Tiendita will be stocked with everyday grocery items and healthy and nutritious foods to improve the overall health of our community further. 

Our vision is to utilize La Tiendita as a way to provide healthy food options for the community and to invest in Latino youth by providing workforce development and paid internships designed to teach them how to operate and manage a business so they may pursue careers where Latinos are underrepresented; thus, improving the socio-economic futures for these individuals (and their families) and allowing them to become business leaders who will positively impact our community.

As part of ATLAST’s nine-month program, 15 to 20 high school students each year will participate in a paid internship to work at the store and learn social skills, etiquette, financial management, cultural empowerment, and how to operate and manage a small business to become leaders. Additionally, the students are assisted with whatever needs are required to help the student graduate such as mentors, tutors, medical aid, immigration issues, etc. ATLAST will provide these services through partnerships with other agencies. The first year, 2022, six students finished the program and will graduate this year and go to college and/or trade school.

More Than a Store

More Than a Store

ATLAST Nonprofit Logo McKinney Texas - Favicon - 42px

Help make a difference

As many families in the East McKinney neighborhood struggle with food insecurity, your donation can aid La Tiendita in bridging the gap between healthy food options with inflationary prices.